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Sound Arts Video Channel


Viral Logic

Today, 01:23 AM

Here is one of the recent posts to my new BandCamp page, for those who haven't the time to visit the site proper. Give it a listen and tell me what you think, please.  My soundscapes vary in length from about 5 minutes to over 3 hours running time. The longer ones get turned into YouTube videos.


(+) Listen at Bandcamp

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Psychoactive Nightshade Honey

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

Posted by Head Joint In: Listening Booth

here is a new ambient, electronic song..
instruments in this track are, 2 ambient texture tracks, 1 percussion track, 1 bass track and 1 guitar track with a glass slide using an E-Bow...
the cover pic is a photoshop manipulated pic of a deadly nightshade plant..




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Dynamo Invocation

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

A tentative step into the world of video. The music was done for Disquiet Junto #124, Derive and Thrive, while the video was assembled from Principles of Electricity, an old educational film now in the public domain.


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Lead The World (the new album by Outside Other)


Posted by Outside Other In: Albums

For anyone who might've checked my last album out; http://auralfilms.ba...-system-was-won (and thank you if you did!), my next one is up on my Bandcamp page for your perusal. 'Lead The World' represents a "fusion of ambient music, post-hippy psychedelia and the half-memories of a 1970s childhood". Free to download if you should be so interested!



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Simon Slator's "Forward": The Video


I've only made one video so far - a longform video to go with a piece called Forward, released on Aural Films a couple of months ago. It chronicles the journey of Roald Amundsen and his team in their historic expedition to the geographic South Pole, using images that slowly fade into eachother (a la Eno's Thursday Afternoon). With old-timey dust and grain, of course :)



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My Most Popular Soundscape To Date


When I created this feature-length soundscape video, it was in a vague attempt to compete with all of the current crop of YouTubers who try to outdo each other on runtime in sound based videos.  My problem is that I make true videos, and most of the people I am competing with in this genre are simply pasting a static image into their video editor and stretching the viewing time of that image to match the runtime of the sound.


Which method do you prefer?  Any responses welcome!


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Tip of the day.


So I did not know there to start this, so it will go here... lets all share some tips & tricks :D


When doing sound-design, I seem to be getting the “best” or most interesting results by simply recording all my work on say a synth patch.. when the patch is done, I have, besides a potentially useful synth-patch. a recording of the entire process.. this is where I find approximately 80% of my sound-design. I have a folder in my sample-library entitled “Sampling Archive” containing countless hours of recordings, many of them “useless” until one starts to think of them as the stone inside which, small nuggets of gem may be hiding. From time to time, I pull out a recording, fairly random, and start my explorations.
This is a very good way of working for me because it takes away pressure from the actual sound-design, because even if the patch/sound turn out to be uninspiring in the end, I have lets say, 40 minutes of recording that may be very diverse, and often times I find sonic treasures in places I had no idea where absolutely lovely when I made it, because I was so focused on other things (technical aspects, anticipations, taste, intention).

This is a way of introducing some “controlled chaos” into the process, and I do admit that I am a far better sound-designer by chance, then I could ever be when I let my intellect control the process.

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Just Add Water~Jon Johnson~Farcroft


This is the third song from my latest album Farcroft. I must have done a lot of things right with this song and video even though I am grasshopper videographer. I got a lot of comments and plays when it was first out last November from various people which almost never happened before in the way that it did.
The concept of the piece is Reflection and Healing. The Video is footage from my travels and performing on synthesizers in the studio presented in collage off the cuff form. 
For the score keepers: I played my Korg OASYS Synthesizer for the main sections of the song. The Korg M1 Legacy provided the water effects while the Korg Legacy MonoPoly provided the awesome pads. 



(+) Listen at Bandcamp

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1927 Dada Film: Sukkeret Og Pepper


Posted by CIIIGoff In: Images and Videos

Per Jack H's request, the video that everybody loves... (maybe you too?)



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Moooore Videos, PLEASE!


Come one, come all and share those videos. I want to include more of YOUR videos in the Sound Arts Channel YouTube feed that shows on the front page.


Please, DO NOT reply here with your video. Please make NEW posts in this section about your YouTube video(s) so others can comment on it directly. Thanks!



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